Technical Support Services

Various onsite services such as:

  • Hands and eyes
  • Swap backup tapes
  • Restarts
  • Screenshots

Server Racks Colocation

Server equipment is colocated in 42U racks with 600×1200 dimensions. Options for rental are:

  • Full rack (42U)
  • Half (20U)
  • Quarter (10U)
  • Shared rack (any number of U)

Telecommunication Racks Colocation

Telecommunication racks can be of the following sizes:

  • 42-47U
  • 600×300, 600×600 or 600×1000

Cabinets Rental

On premises, the customers can rent a locker cabinet which serves as a private storage for spare parts, cables, drives, tapes etc.

Vault Rental

Customers can rent space in a fire-resistant vault which is located in a different room within the data center. The vault is the perfect place for storing backup drives and backup tapes and can be easily accessed by the customer.

IT Hardware Rental

Customers can rent everything that they want to colocate in the data center – servers, storage, network equipment etc. All this can be tailor made for the specific needs of the customer.

Next Generation Firewalls on Rent

Customers can rent a virtual system of one of the best Next Generation Firewalls on the market – Palo Alto Networks. PAN Virtual System are multiple, logical firewall instances within a single Palo Alto Networks physical firewall. Each virtual system is an independent, separately managed logical firewall with its traffic kept separate from that of others.

Consulting Services

With over 25 years of presence and experience in the ICT market, Neocom’s engineers are one of the best in the region and as such can offer excellent consulting services to the customers – from design to sizing of IT systems.Even beyond consulting services, Neocom can offer implementation and post-implementation services to the customers of the Data Center.