Privacy policy

One of the priority assignments of the Company for Information Engineering, Neocom AD Skopje (hereinafter referred: NEOCOM AD Skopje) is a commitment to the protection of privacy and integrity of personal information that comes in contact during their work. In this document for implementation of the policy for privacy are designated the types of personal information which we receives and collect while using of the website at NEOCOM AD Skopje ( as one of the steps we undertake for their protection.

Please carefully read this “Privacy Policy”. You can access to the Privacy Policy at any time on the web address Your usage or registration at any part of the website, means accepting of this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy does not include information collected elsewhere, including, but not limited to the information, collected offline and from the websites to which are placed links on the website.

Applied “Privacy Policy” at Neocom AD Skopje are based on “Personal data Protection Low” at Republic of North Macedonia.

Basic provisions

All personal information under control of Neocom AD Skopje are voluntarily provided, through explicit accordance of their owners or from the third sides who have obtained the consent from the owners for that purpose. Personal information under control of Neocom AD Skopje are used only for the purpose for which they were collected, but if there is a need to be utilize and for other assignation, it’s possible to be realized only with explicit permission from the owners.

The policy of Neocom AD is, the records who contains personal information to be destroy/deleted after the deadline for their keeping, if is determined under a contract or by a law, of after the project completion within the framework have been collected.

In case of criminal investigation, Neocom AD Skopje, is keeping to applicable laws of RM and collected data with activity on the website are available to the authorities only with valid court order, excluding at the case of abuse of its information system.

The employees of Neocom AD Skopje, are trained and obliged to keep the personal information of the customers and treat them as information with confidential nature.

Using cookies

The website of Neocom AD Skopje use cookies in the following cases:

To prevent double voting while filling out polls. In this time at the website there isn’t a polls. Expiration date of this cookies is till the next poll.

For appropriate presenting of the language version at the site for users who made a selection during a previous visit.

When users login in the section protected by a username and password, which is not a public. Expiration date of this cookies is up to the end of the current session.

E-mail and mailing lists

The information that users and visitors are send voluntarily via e-mail for contact with Neocom AD Skopje, are treat as a company secret and they are stored in accordance with the general provisions, rules and regulations for archive working. These data include e-mail, name, surname, post address, phone etc.

Server logs

For the every website of the Neocom AD Skopje logs are kept at the server, in which data about IP addresses, browsers, operating system, date and time of the visit and every downloaded file in the website visit is written. These logs are operated on the basis of the general regulation, in accordance with “Personal data Protection Low”.

Usage information

For every Neocom AD Skopje website visit, personal information of the users will be collected only if the user itself agrees to it (ex. Questionnaires, electronic payment, request and etc.) All news about the company are regularly published on the Neocom AD website, and if the users are willing to be informed individually for new services, price changes and similar by giving permission during registration at the website of Neocom AD Skopje they will be able to use that functionality.

Freedom of information

Neocom AD Skopje at any time, by written request from the users based on previously defined procedure, will provide access to all their personal data (name, surname, etc.) which have been logged.


Neocom AD Skopje are takes all prescribed organizational, administrative, technical and physical protection measures for your personal data, in order to prevent loosing, stealing, misuse, unauthorized access, illegally publication, change or destruction of these data.

Neocom AD Skopje periodically can make updating at the “Privacy Policy” and every change will be published at the Neocom AD website.


For every questions according with your personal data gathered by Neocom AD Skopje or about “Privacy Policy”, contact us via e-mail address or directly at bul. Kuzman Josifovski Pitu no. 15, 1000 Skopje.